Today l want to remind someone out there, whether you have heard or not about JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus is the Lord and our only Savior who died and Rose again.

God sent his son, Jesus to die for you and me, in order to redeem us from our sins.

For God so Loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him, shall not persh but have eternal life.

There is someone who is thinking that they have messed up too much to be loved by anyone. No matter how much bad you have done. Jesus did not come to save the good people but he laid his precious life for a sinner, so, don’t take your life, STOP NOW!!! LOOK AND REFLECT ON THE LOVE OF GOD!!.

Your life can change right now at this time. Are you feeling lonely, depressed, fade up of everything and life is meaningless to you?

God is our refugee and strength, a very present help in trouble.

All you need is to surrender to him.

Do you feel angry, you just want to revenge, you want to kill other innocent people of God.

God is loving, so loving, he says, come to me and come just as you are. I will forgive you, no matter how much you have done. He wants to to change, he is your only hope, so why not turn to him.Surrender it all to Jesus, don’t delay and say you will doit tomorrow. Tomorrow may not be yours.,

You don’t have to do anything much, but just to acknowledge that he is your lord and Saviour, if you confess to him by saying this pray now.

Dear heavenly father, l acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and l accept him as my Lord and Saviour. I ask that you forgive me in all that l have not done right. Come into my heart and change it, make me to love others as you have loved me so much.

I thank you that you have forgiven me. I will follow you and serve you. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

Congratulations, now that you are a new person, it means you are born again, in your spirit. The old things are gone you are now a new person.

For you to grow, study the word of God, pray always and find yourself a local church and start serving the Lord.

John 3:16

Romans 10:9

John 3:1-6

Luke 18:1

God bless you.


A man called Jacob in the bible, had twelve Sons. He loved Joseph who was younger than his brothers.

Jacob made a beautiful coat of many colours and gave it to Joseph. His brothers hated Joseph because he was so much loved by their father. Joseph was gifted, he was a dreamer, and so he would dream dreams and tell to his brothers, they even hated him more, they called him a dreamer.

They then plotted to kill him, they decided to strip Joseph of his coat, throw him in a pi.

And as they were sat down eating, they saw the Isheelites passing by, they removed their younger brother from the pit and sold him to the Isheelites for 25 pieces of silver. The Isheelites sold Joseph in Egypt.

Joseph ended up being sold to Potiphar, who was Pharaoh’s officer. He worked in the household of Potiphar.

While Joseph was serving in Potiphar’s house’s with all his heart and being faithful. Potiphar’s wife had a bad desire for Joseph, and wanted to sleep with him. Joseph had the fear of God and resisted the temptation, ran away and left his coat.
He was put to prison because of the lies of Potiphar’s wife, but the Lord continued being with Joseph. While he was in prison his gifts had not left him, he had the fovour of God, which led Joseph to became a ruler in Egypt.

It was the gift that the brothers persued to the extent of selling him, the coat of many colours which was his anointing,the seer gift, a dreamer.

Even if they tried to kill him, sold him, got those silver pieces. Even if the wife of Potiphar had lied to the extent of putting Joseph into prison.

Joseph’s gift found him a place in place, he is the one who ended up to serve his brothers, with love and forgiveness.

So, it doesn’t matter how the enemy has or is trying to persue your coat of many  colours, he can not take away from you that which God has given. But the question is? What are you doing with your coat of many colours? The gifts which God has given you, the love he has shown for you, his favour for you!! Joseph interpreted the dreams in prison, he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh, hence his gift found him a place.

BE like Joseph, that even if the devil tries to kill your gifts, you don’t give in to him but press on to the highest destiny that the Lord has destined you to be.

Satan knows and sees your coat of many colours, and that’s all he is after.

Resist him like Joseph, so, l say fear Not and Sin Not!!!!


There are Goliaths of many kinds, is your faith, or your life confronted by the giant?

Listen, you are more than a conquerer.

David as young as 17 years of age, but he managed to drop down the giant Goliath!!

It was not just a small stone but the quality of the stone,

David used not an ordinary stone, but it was the chief corner stone type that had power to bring down Goliath.

He had faith in the stone, which was the resemblance of Christ the chief corner stone, l believe that’s why he was able to say to Goliath, l come to you in the name of the Lord…. 1Sam 17:23.

How do a Christian approach his Goliath? Because we all meet a Goliath in our lives.

Finances, health, friends, relationships, etc, these can be Goliath challenging.

But, remember that the battle is not yours but God’s.

Therefore be a David and use faith in Jesus, no Goliath is too big not to fall down, the approach is important, what is your armour?. Be of good courage, because you are more than a conquerer in Christ Jesus.


A man made cellphone and a God made cellphone.

  • We all know what a cellphone is, almost everyone owns it, but you may not exactly know what a God made cellphone phone looks.
  • Cellphones are also known as, Cellular phones or mobile phones, depending on how you choose to call them.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your phone is or how expensive it is. They are all made of a handset which contains a radio transmitter, for sending radio signals and a radio receiver for receiving in coming signals from other phones.

    It helps you to be always in contact, never out of touch.

    So your phone contains:

    1. HANDSET

    2. BATTERY

    3. SIM CARD


    It contains.


    2. WITH A SOUL


    You are more than a man made cellphone., because you were created with all functions that enable you to do what God created you for and do.

    You were born to use all the functions in your body.

    You are talented, and gifted, no matter your body frame, no matter small or big, old or young. Regardless of how you look.

    You were made to succeed, your Body is we’re God’s Spirit dwells.

    Your body may look old or not fit but your Spirit is never old.

    You are a special handset in which God has deposited his Spirit in you.

    You are a temple of God, keep it clean and look after it. Don’t let sin defile it.

    Activate the Sim Card in you, which is your Spirit, let your Spirit have a signal so you can connect to the Spirit of God by prayer, fasting and reading the word of God.

    God is Spirit(John 4:24) and those that worship him must do so in Spirit and in truth.

    When God removes his Sim Card in you, your phone will be useless, it will be thrown away.

    Be careful of how you use your body and gifts given to you.